TCART State of the Organization

The TCART officers would like to give everyone an update on our plans for the 2021 year.

TCART recognizes that our ability to foster networking opportunities has been drastically reduced due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. We would like to provide a way for members to reach out to each other on an individual level. We are reviving the TCART Directory and encourage you to participate. If you wish to be included, please fill out this FORM.

The Spring Meeting will NOT happen in 2021, in any form. Zoom fatigue is real and the officers would like to encourage you to look after your mental health. However, the officers are discussing plans for the Fall Symposium, which WILL take place in 2021. We will be sending out a survey later this summer gauging members’ comfort levels and preferences for a digital or in person meeting. Keep an eye out.

Congratulations to Ellen Engseth and Beth Goodrich, Our 2020-2021 Professional Development Award recipients. Please look for a follow-up post, which will include their reviews of the meetings they attended.  

The officers would like to thank Caitlin Marineau for her dedication as the TCART Secretary for the last four years. We would also like to welcome Kristell Benson as the new Secretary.

Stay safe, be well.

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