2021 Minnesota Archives Symposium Call for Proposals

The Twin Cities Archives Round Table is pleased to announce the ninth annual Minnesota Archives Symposium (MAS). MAS is a local educational and networking opportunity for archivists, librarians, records managers, curators and other information professionals. We seek to broaden opportunities to share knowledge and insights among peers at a local level. The Symposium will be held on Monday, November 1st on Zoom.

This year’s topics will not be limited to a theme.

Due to the truncated nature of this year’s MAS we have decided to forgo a theme and are open to ideas from our members.

Ideas for presentation topics include:

  • Born digital/digital archiving/web archiving
  • Scary things happening in archives
  • Disaster preparedness or triage of endangered formats
  • Creative ways for funding and advocating for your collection (on a budget)
  • Reimagining Archives
  • Recent projects

This is not an exhaustive list, but will hopefully spur on ideas.

Call for Participants: Virtual Presenters, Student Posters, Exhibit or Location Tour Videos. 

We welcome submissions to presentations submitted to or given at other conferences and symposiums, or perhaps you would like to update the group on a project mentioned in a previous presentation. 

We are also continuing with the section for student poster presentations. Each student will be allocated 5 minutes for speaking on their topic and 2 minutes for question

Not ready to commit to speaking live? How about filming a tour of your archive or exhibit for our virtual tours? Low-key brag to us about your cool collection or great space in a format you can control. These five to ten minute videos will be posted online (probably Youtube) and available to the public. 

We would especially like to hear from new institutions or those who have never spoken at a symposium before. We encourage presentations from archivists and information professionals at all levels of their career.

If you have a great idea but don’t think you can speak for an entire hour, please still submit your idea! We will attempt to pair you with other presenters with similar topics for a panel presentation.

If you are interested in presenting at the symposium, please provide us with a brief abstract and working title for your presentation, along with how long you wish to present (30 minutes/60 minutes). Include full contact information with submissions, including your name(s) and institution or school if applicable.

Submissions should be sent to tcartmn@gmail.com.

Deadline for submission is Monday, September 6, 2021.


Save the Date!!! The Minnesota Archives Symposium will be held virtually (via Zoom) on Monday, November 1st. Registration is FREE, but we will ask that participants register their intent to attend. Look for more details on registering for this event on the TCART listserv and website.


Questions should be sent to the TCART Communications Officer Jennie Shaw at tcartmn@gmail.com or shawx186@umn.edu.

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TCART Professional Development Award Reports 2021

Under different circumstances, the award recipients would be presenting in person during the Spring Meeting. Thank you to Beth and Ellen for providing the following reports.

The American Craft Council Library’s TCART Professional Development Award, 2021
Beth Goodrich

I was fortunate to receive the TCART Professional Development Award to offset the cost of registration for the Write (or Re-Write) Your Emergency Plan workshop held virtually over three days from March 2-16, 2021. The past pandemic year has brought many changes to the American Craft Council as an organization, and a particular goal for 2021 in my role as librarian/archivist for the organization is to reassess and update all of our library policies and procedures. Our library emergency plan was woefully out of date, having been last drafted in 2002 when the library was located in New York City. In creating a revised emergency plan, I was essentially beginning from scratch, and having never written an emergency plan before, I sought out guidance from the Midwest Art Conservation Center. Their recently held workshop was a great experience and I completed the course with plan in hand that I feel confident in presenting to ACC staff and emergency responders.

Session one challenged attendees to assess their collections, building spaces and environmental conditions for risk situations that may affect their collections. Session two provided us with a template for drafting an emergency plan tailored to the needs of our own institution. The final session offered participants time to discuss their draft plans and any particular issues they encountered during the process of drafting. A tabletop exercise to talk through an imagined disaster allowed participants to think through the steps of response and recovery. This workshop, although presented by an organization from the field of art conservation, addressed the needs all types of collecting institutions of any size, and I would highly recommend this workshop to any library or archive information professional.

University of MN Libraries IHRCA’s TCART Professional Development Award, 2021
Ellen Engseth

Thanks to the generous funding of TCART’s Professional Development Award, in April I attended the Organization of American Historians (OAH) 2021 virtual conference. I applied for the award this year with the goal to expand from my usual archives and library conferences, and utilize the opportunity provided by virtual conferencing.

In the OAH conference, I attended sessions related to archives, teaching history, or subject matters in which I regularly work. These included sessions on the intersections between Native American and immigration histories, working with undocumented students, and a session connecting slavery of the past with slavery in the present. In “The Crisis of Black Archives,” three leaders of major Black repositories discussed challenges, and offered solutions and next steps. They called on the Black community to take documentary evidence seriously, as well as for others to join in the work. (This session is available at https://www.thehistorymakers.org/2020/crisisofblackarchives). Archives were a key topic within the innovations in teaching history session. Dr. Krista Grensavitch at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee presented the Personal Archive Assignment that she developed with archivist Abbi Nye, who some of you may know. This assignment encourages students to be aware of the process and the personal politics with creating archives, and to recognize how sources are developed, described, and made available. It looks like a great assignment!

I sincerely appreciate the support of the Twin Cities Archives Round Table and the Professional Development Award.

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TCART State of the Organization

The TCART officers would like to give everyone an update on our plans for the 2021 year.

TCART recognizes that our ability to foster networking opportunities has been drastically reduced due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. We would like to provide a way for members to reach out to each other on an individual level. We are reviving the TCART Directory and encourage you to participate. If you wish to be included, please fill out this FORM.

The Spring Meeting will NOT happen in 2021, in any form. Zoom fatigue is real and the officers would like to encourage you to look after your mental health. However, the officers are discussing plans for the Fall Symposium, which WILL take place in 2021. We will be sending out a survey later this summer gauging members’ comfort levels and preferences for a digital or in person meeting. Keep an eye out.

Congratulations to Ellen Engseth and Beth Goodrich, Our 2020-2021 Professional Development Award recipients. Please look for a follow-up post, which will include their reviews of the meetings they attended.  

The officers would like to thank Caitlin Marineau for her dedication as the TCART Secretary for the last four years. We would also like to welcome Kristell Benson as the new Secretary.

Stay safe, be well.

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TCART October forum on COVID-19 and Social Justice

Hello TCART members,

We will be hosting another forum over Zoom on Thursday, October 8th from 2-3 pm (RSVP here). At the last forum, some of you expressed an interest in hearing about how archivists can responsibly document, and respond to, the pandemic and protests against racism and police brutality. For this next forum, we have arranged for short presentations from two managers of collections that focus on both those topics.

We will hear from Dr. Heather Shirey from St. Thomas who is publishing online examples of urban street art through the George Floyd & Anti-Racist Street Art collection and the COVID-19 Street Art collection. We will also get to talk with Dr. Susannah Ottaway of Carleton College who manages similar projects on the Black Lives Matter movement and COVID-19.

After Shirey and Ottaway’s presentations, we will have a chance to ask them about these projects. We really hope you can attend, it will be a great opportunity to learn about some important and fascinating work.

Please complete the following RSVP Google Form for the Zoom meeting. Zoom invitations will only be sent to those who complete the form. Thank you!

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