Twin Cities Archives Round Table Fall Meeting

Friday, October 25, 2013
Red Wing Shoe Company
314 Main Street, Red Wing, MN (Parking is available in the ramp behind the corporate office)

Please RSVP for this meeting by Friday October 18. All attendees will register at the corporate office when they arrive before proceeding to the original 1905 office and manufacturing facility where the TCART meeting will be held.

Please join us in Red Wing, MN, for the fall TCART meeting. In addition to the business meeting and tour of the facilities, Beth McLaughlin, Textile Conservator, will do a presentation on textile preservation.

If there is a particular topic you would like Beth to address, or if you have an idea or issue you would like to add to the agenda, please contact Jennifer Johnson at

The TCART fall meeting is open to all who are interested in attending. Membership information will be available at the meeting for those who wish to join. Members, please remember that membership renewal is due at the Fall meeting. See for more membership information or to join today!

And now a message from Clare Pavelka, Corporate Archivist at the Red Wing Shoe Company:

The Red Wing Shoe Company campus is located just an hour south of the MSP Airport on Hwy 61. TCART attendees will have an opportunity to visit and explore the four downtown campus buildings, including the Flagship Red Wing Shoe Store and Museum home of the World’s Largest Boot.

On display in the 1905 building, where we will be meeting, are materials and equipment that helped build the footwear that made Red Wing Shoes a household name, including sewing machines original to when the company first started in 1905.

Following the meeting, tours will be available of the corporate office and the archives. The corporate office has everything from the Model A in the front lobby and tables made of scrap leather to footwear hand tools embedded in the bathroom counter. These visuals weave together and tell a rich history of the company and the brands that prosper within it. The corporate archives tour will lead attendees to the St. James Hotel, the location of the corporate archives. The archives is a popular resource for employees in the area of product development, brand marketing, graphic design and social media.

Leave time in your schedule to visit the Flagship Red Wing Shoe Store and Museum across the street from the corporate office. Be sure to see the original Norman Rockwell art, WW II paratrooper Skytrooper boots, the first pair of Red Wing Shoes and world’s largest Red Wing Shoe at size 638 ½. Lunch options for the downtown area will be provided.

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